This is no longer about the fuel subsidy; nor is it about Goodluck Jonathan. It is about the entire political class that has failed us and continues to fail us. We must not lose the momentum started by the fuel subsidy demonstrations. We must not fail our children like our parents failed us. I am inviting you to help change Nigeria.

The March to Abuja is not just a march. It is an on-going movement to change the country. The march is just a way by which we will raise awareness of our cause. The march will also enable us to create a truly grass-roots organisation across Nigeria: we will be visiting towns and villages along our route to spread our message. THE FIRST OF MANY?
The March from Lagos to Abuja will, hopefully, be the first of many marches. We will march on Abuja from all corners of the country. We will get people from every walk of life involved - from well-known personalities to "area boys". We will pack our blankets and water bottles and we will trek all the way to Abuja, stopping at each and every town along the way to give a speech and rally to the inhabitants of the town. Our message will be one of change in Nigeria. Our slogan will be "enough is enough".
The success of the Lagos to Abuja march will determine the conduct of future marches.

We have already begun talking with organisations within and outside Nigeria to help with the logistics of this event, but the most important organisations that we need are you, my fellow Nigerians. We hope that the march will guarantee global coverage and support for our struggle. At the same time, we will make it as "grass-roots" as possible by taking it to the villages. We hope it will kick-start an irreversible momentum for change in Nigeria.

The plan is to walk, sing and talk by the day and sleep in the fields by night. It would be good to have you all on the march with us but those who cannot actively join may offer any assistance that you can - ideas, legal help, space on your field or school for us to sleep, a bus with water, medical supplies, free blankets, prayers, musicians and performers to raise our spirits during the march... anything to ease our load,

For those who choose to walk with us, you do not have to walk the entire journey. You are welcome to join in and leave as and when you please. But I hope many of us will go the distance.

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Invite you friends. Spread the word.

God bless Nigeria.

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