We urgently require volunteers and donors to assist our movement. Volunteer your time and expertise and donate money and resources.

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PR/Publicity officers
We require people to run our publicity machinery. Press releases have to be sent out. NGOs have to be kept up to date. News of our activities have to be spread as far, wide and effectively as possible. We welcome not just individuals but also organisations to help with this.

Project Managers
The marches will be a big logistic challenge. We need project managers to assist with the planning, so that the event goes as smoothly and hitch free as possible.

Local Representatives
We urgently need representatives along the routes of our marches. People with local knowledge are crucial to helping us spread the word within their communities, chart viable trekking paths for the march, identify places for us to hold rallies, local toilets and "watering holes", places for us to camp and sleep etc etc.

Student Representatives
The participation of students is essential to the success of this movement. We are looking for student members to act as liaison officers and information points for their various campuses.

Lawyers/Legal Representatives
We expect to face all manner of challenges. We would like members of this movement who are versed in the relevant aspects of the law to help keep our movement afloat from a legal perspective.
Apart from this, we hope to hold legal assistance in as many stops as possible when we give urgent legal assistance to the villagers and townsfolk who are unable to afford it.

Doctors/Nurses/Medical staff
We would need at least one large bus with medical staff and well-stocked with medical equipment on te march. The medical staff will help deal with problem that marchers will encounter on the way. We also hope to hold give medical treatment to needy locals wherever we stop. Local medical staff who would like to join our free service do not have to come on the march as they can join us when we arrive in their towns.
Apart from this, we hope to offer as much medical assistance as we can, to the villagers and townsfolk who are unable to afford it.

Public Speakers
We require versed public speakers for all stages of our movement. We will need people to spread the word within student campuses, in rallies and on the march. The role of the public speaker in enthusing the crowd and keeping tired spirits up cannot be over-estimated.

Photographers/Film makers/journalist
We need journalist and photojournalist to help us capture the event.

Like public speakers, above, entertainers are required to help keep the spirits of the marchers up. There is nothing like the incessant drumming of the palm wine drinkards club to add a spring to the tired legs of the marchers.

Security Personnel
We require member to volunteer as security personnel and ushers to help manage the event. Not only will do we require security to protect the marchers, but to help prevent and diffuse and conflicts that may flare up within the marchers.

To drive the buses and vans that will accompany the marchers.

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