We are collating a list of demands that we will present to the president, at the end of our March. Please help by submitting suggestions for our consideration. Your submissions should be clear, concise, viable and quantifiable.

Below, is the up-to-date list of contributions from our members. We will eventually debate these suggestions, modify and filter them down to the most important and most viable. This is what we will present to the government.

(1) The entire budget and expenditure of all arms of government - from the presidency to the local government - must be publicly available [eg over the internet]

(2) All public officials must send their children to public schools only, rather than private or foreign schools

(3) All public officials must use public health facilities only, rather than go abroad for private treatment

(4) All Political parties MUST declare their assets and this information must be freely and publicly available [eg over the internet]

(5) All Political parties MUST declare their expenditure and this information must be freely and publicly available [eg over the internet]

(6) All Political parties MUST display a list of all its donors who have contributed above a certain threshold [eg N 100,000]. This information must be freely and publicly available [eg over the internet]

(7) There must be in place a law that makes stealing public funds an offence punishable with public execution.

(8)The immunity clause must go both at the federal and state levels.

(9)The President must sell of all the aircraft in the Presidential Fleet (The British PM, with a much bigger economy does not have one and travels with British Airways).

(10) The President's salary and allowances must not exceed $200,000 per annum. (Our President has no reason, whatsoever, to earn more than the American President)

(11) The Presidential Villa must be sold and replaced with no more than a 6-bedroom house (The British PM lives in a 3-bedroom apartment)

(12) Feeding in the Presidential and VP lodges should not be more than 1 million Naira per month (Presently, it is 90 million Naira per month for both).

(13) No legislator shall earn more than a Permanent Secretary.

(14) No government official shall have more than one official car.

(15) There should be no office of the First Lady at the federal, state and local government levels.

(16) Cut the federal down, devolve power, authority, and control and leave the Presidency and the Senate - with 10 senators from each zone.

(17) A reaffirmation of the secularity of our constitution.

(18) Sovereign National Conference to negotiate the nature of the federation and the relationships between the units.

(19) Administrative reforms- a unified salary structure for all public servants- President at the apex of a civil service salary scale and all others on a graded scale; e.g. permanent secretaries earn just a little less than Ministers, political appointees on fixed-term contracts.

(20) Ministers to give annual reports to the legislature, in public view.

(21) The role of official opposition to be defined and enshrined in the constitution.

(22) Independent judiciary with dedicated budgets and appointments by an independent JSC- with the President having no oversight function.

(23) Police reforms- operations subject to oversight by an independent commission- use of firearms except in exceptional circumstances to require specific authority from a named senior state official- Minister or above.

(24) Historical and Reconciliation Commission- to examine the events leading to the Civil War and subsequent political and ethno-religious crises- power to subpoena witnesses (including former HOSs) and obtain evidence under oath.

(25) Explicit statement that the office of the First Lady, at any level, is a fiction. There is no marital right to public office.

(26) Consistent electricity supply be a priority for the sake of industrial & economic growth in a country that has the manpower and financial capability; the economic returns are huge.

© The March to Abuja Movement