"... several groups have set their eyes on Abuja - the Boko Haram, the despicable contractors, the looting politicians etc. It appears that only those with good intentions in their hearts are not interested in marching on Abuja."

- Rudolf Ogoo Okonkwo

The winds of change are blowing across Nigeria. There is no better opportunity than now to tell our political class that "enough is enough".

This site is for friends of Nigeria who would like to join us on a March to Abuja to tell our "leaders":Enough of corruption; enough of wastage; enough of poverty; enough of criminality and enough of the daily abuse of Nigerians.

The March is partly symbolic. It will help raise awareness of our movement and demands. The most important part of the march is that we will be going from village to village, enthusing, educating everyone about how [strategies] to change the country.

* We will be recruiting the villagers in our mass movement to change Nigeria once and for all
* We will be educating the people that the government is there TO SERVE US, not to lord it over us
* We will be educating the people on how to use civil disobedience as an effective tool to combat bad governance.
* We will be teaching the people how to challenge every excess, every abuse, every waste
* We will explain to them the dangers of condoning mediocrity and duplicity!
* We will be showing them that we can no longer afford to be silent; that evil triumphs because good people do nothing.
* And we will listen to their problems and concerns - and take them with us to Abuja.
* We will also offer them some medical and legal assistance while we are with them.

We hope that this will be an on-going movement. Lagos to Abuja will be the first march. It will be a learning process for us. We hope to develop future marches from other parts of the country, based on what we learn from the Lagos-Abuja march.

Your comments, discussions, contributions, criticism, observations, relevant photos and videos are welcome.

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